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Life Insurance

The Ethiopian Insurance Corporation renders more than 15 types of polices in the life Insurance Sector. Life insurance policies can be bought individually and in-group, which enable the insured to get various benefits. The benefit gained from these insurance policies depends on the choice of the customers.

The different types of life insurance policies the corporation provides are:
%u2022 Endowment (Ordinary endowment, Anticipated Endowment Policy with profit, children%u2019s Education policy with profit, Annuity etc.)     
%u2022 Term (Individual Term life Assurance, Group and Modified Large groups Term Life Assurance, Individual and Group Mortgage Protection Assurance etc)
%u2022 Whole Life Assurance.
%u2022 Medical Assurance (Individual medical Assurance, Group Medical Assurance, Executive Medical Assurance & Travel Health Assurance) are among the major ones.
The Corporation also prepares and provides policies, which go along with the social and economic standard of the society. In this aspect, the pre-funeral expense insurance can be cited as a good example.


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